This year to lead the fight of awareness for Stroke week I have organised an art installation at Britomart. It will run from the 6th of September through to the 12th September.

Stroke is a medical emergency.

Strokes kill more than 2500 New Zealanders a year – which is seven people a day. They are the biggest cause of adult disability – with 40,000 needing ongoing care.

Delayed recognition is delayed medical response. Delayed response can have tragic consequences.
Prompt recognition of stroke symptoms usually leads to earlier presentation for stroke treatment. This results in significantly improved outcomes for stroke patients, which in turn saves lives as well as reducing ongoing costs to caregivers and taxpayers.

Medical researchers increasingly believe most strokes are avoidable.

The art installation enforces the FAST campaign.  After having four members of my close family affected by strokes, this is my way hopefully of helping another person avoid a stroke and thus saving a family from the despair and anguish of such an event.

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